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Full Version: Server Configuration
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Server configuration
  • rAthena renewal ragnarok emulator, Phantasmagorica Eps.16 PK Mode server
  • Normal base experience / job experience / quest experience rate : 90x / 90x / 90x
  • Players can choose to Instant Max Level for PvP + Freebies, ready to War
  • Item drop / card drop / mvp-miniboss card drop rates : 90x / 90x / 3x (exclusive GTB 1x)
  • Max level / job for 3rd Jobs : 185 / 65
  • Max level / job for Expanded Super Novice: 185 / 65
  • Max level / job for Kagerou, Oboro, Rebellion: 185 / 65 , Doram race disabled
  • Some classes skill updated to match kRO. check here
  • Max stats 130 and max aspd 193 applied to all classes
  • Instant variable cast formula : INT + (DEX*2) = 530
  • Item consumption delay to meassure againts macros : 0.5s / 500 milliseconds.
  • Global skill delay applied to meassure againts macros : 0.1s / 100 milliseconds.
  • Force rebirth applied, non-transcendent 3rd class disabled on NPC Job Changer.
  • Old refinement system with legendary Suhnbi, enriched ore and hd ore.
Party configuration
  • Party share level range : 30
  • Experience bonus per party member : 20%
PvM configuration
  • Normal monster spawn rate: 50% faster
  • Monster has 30% chance to hit a critical attack, and slightly 1~3% to perfectly dodge attack from player.
  • Monster magic attack hit harder, cast skill frequently, and cant be hitlocked to make it more challenging.
  • Max possible gears to retrieve: Verus, Mora, Crimson, Temporal Boots, Giant Snake Skin, iRO Old Headgears, Common Cash Shop Headgears.
  • Instance: Endless Tower, Bangungot Hospital, Buwaya Cave, Bakonawa Lake, Sealed Shrine, Nidhoggur's Nest, Malangdo Culvert, Orc's Memory, Octopus Cave, Hazy Forest, Sara Memories, Faceworm's Nest, Old Glast Heim, Wolfchev's Laboratory, Geffen Magic Tournament, Sarah and Fenrir, Ghost Palace, Bios Island, Nightmarish Jitterbug, Horror Toy Factory, Central Laboratory, Last Room, Charleston Factory.
  • Custom-made instance: MvP Arena, Guard Arena.
PvP configuration
  • Vellum weapon, WoE set, and modified Glorious gears available.
  • WoE 1.0 - Kriemhild and WoE 2.0 - Horn with simplify stone guardian and barricade.
  • DotA PvP ranking and announcer.
  • KvM battleground available with minimum 3v3 using @joinbg
  • Damage adjustment for melee auto-attack : hit 90%, from actual damage
  • Damage adjustment for range auto-attack : hit 80% from actual damage
  • Damage adjustment for Weapon / Magic Skill : hit 50% from actual damage
  • PvP flee reduction : 20% from player total flee
  • PvP adjustment applied to WoE , PvP maps, and Battleground.
Pet and homunculus s configuration
  • Modified pet system with more skill and bonus effect for master
  • Require friendly / loyal to enable pet skill, accessories unused.
  • Max level for Homunculus S : 185
  • Homunculus / Pet friendly rate: 10x / 10x
  • Old Homunculus experience system
  • Max experience for level 100+ homunculus are lowered.
  • Homunculus autoloot disabled, period.
General valor realm features
  • Gold coin and heroic stone as main item in-game for various usage.
  • Custom shadow gears with set effect, unrefineable.
  • Advanced Eden quest board up to max level 185.
  • All alternative 3rd class outfit and costume headgears.
  • Automated events and mini games : Malangdo Fishing, Stone Miner, Daily PvP Last Man Standing, Poring catcher, Poring Race, Invasion, Dice, Disguise, Monster Counting, Keyboard Warrior, Guessing, Slot Machine, Crazy Chicken, Bomb Poring.
  • Basic utility npc : warper, healer, job changer, cash point redeemer, stat skill reset, build manager, card remover, account manager, shadow chaser skill copy, costume maker.
  • In-game command for player: @whodrops, @whereis, @iteminfo, @mobinfo, @ii2, @autoloot, @alootid, @aloottype, @autotrade, @hominfo, @noks, @refresh, @duel